A life-size escape game !

The great new feature of 2019 !

An escape game in the heart of the Cave that gives visitors the chance to discover the Clamouse in a totally different way with a treasure hunt and puzzles to solve.

The Clamouse is a highly coveted treasure. Throughout its history, many have tried to uncover its secrets, but few have managed to get through this subterranean passageway.

2 themes to choose from !

The Escape Game is open all year round.

We offer 2 versions to choose from: the first is a family Escape Game devised so younger and older players get to enjoy the experience together; the second is more demanding for explorers love thrills and a challenge !

Escape Game

Family escape game

Today, Clamouse is setting you a challenge! Walk in the footsteps of historic cave explorers and try to solve the riddles of the Cave with clues left behind by these adventurers from the past.

Come together to find the treasure of Clamouse! This Escape Game for all the family is supervised by a trained facilitator and lasts two hours.

  • Minimum age: 6 years.
  • Maximum 5 families / 25 participants for the activity.

25€ / person


Only by phone on +33 (0)4 67 57 71 05

Escape Game

Themed escape game

Groups open to all, companies, Incentive/Team building/team cohesion, etc.

Clamouse offers Escape Game sessions to a chosen theme. Three choices of themes are available :

Science Escape

Science and fiction Fields of action : Analyses, Expériences, Protocols.

Exploration Escape

Travel in space-time Fields of action : Map reading, Satellite imagery, Radio frequency.


The frontiers of the possible Fields of action :Sports challenges, Technical challenges, Science challenges.

The Escape Game takes place at the end of the day and lasts approximately 100 minutes.


10 persons group : from 250€


A week before event, only by phone at +33 (0)4 67 57 71 05

In accordance with the governmental directories, the Clamouse Cave will remain closed until further notice.
We thank you for your understanding

Réouverture de la grotte !

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