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The Clamouse cave is open all year, 7 days a week. All visits are guided tours and last about 1h20 over a course of 900 meters. The guided tour is given in French. We have audioguides in the following languages: English, German, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Mandarin and Italian. The temperature of the Cave is 15C. The whole course is secure and has handrails, railings and stairs. Strollers are not accepted in the cave, but we do provide free, ventral or back baby carriers. Dogs on a leash are allowed.


Visit content

Introductory Film

The new feature of 2018, an introductory ultra HD film in an immersive room, which will let you dive into the heart of the clamouse cave and it’s history, before starting the guided tour. Viewing time 8 min

Cave animal species

Discover 3 cave salamanders specimen, which come from Experimental Ecology Station of CNRS at Moulis (Ariège). And an Astyanax fasciatus mexicanus aquarium, a cavernicolous fish.


Thanks to our guides discover or rediscover the treasures of the subterranean world and which makes Clamouse a unique cave : basalt columns, speleothems, draperies, aragonites and eccentrics…

The performance

A sound and light performance of “Magnificat, poem of the Clamouse", specially composed for the Clamouse Cave by Christophe Guyard (for the vocal ensemble A Sei Voci), which will let you experience a fairylike moment.

In accordance with the governmental directories, the Clamouse Cave will remain closed until further notice.
We thank you for your understanding

Réouverture de la grotte !

Notre équipe a mis en place toutes les mesures de sécurité pour vous recevoir dans les meilleures conditions. Nous sommes convaincus que la réouverture se fera de manière responsable grâce à nos efforts collectifs. Les visites reprendront dès le 02 juin. Toutes les réservations doivent se faire sur notre billetterie en ligne.

Mesures sanitaires
À partir du 2 juin