AGED 3-10 YEARS (primary)

Our team offers 2 Options : half-day (educational visit to the Cave) or full-day (educational to the Cave + educational workshops).

1 – Half-day

A lecture-visit of the Cave to discover the subterranean world. The lecture content and comments are adapted to age ranges (5-6 yrs, 7-8 yrs, 9-11 yrs).

  • getting one’s bearings in the Cave
  • water in the Cave and its environment
  • discovering rocks in the Cave
  • subterranean life
  • the water cycle

2 – Full-day

This option allows for two groups at the same time with 2 activities.

  • morning : Clamouse educational visit (see option 1) for 1 of the 2 groups.
    Educational workshop with a partner organisation for the second group..
  • afternoon : Groups switch !
Our Partners
  • Demain la Terre : educational: teaching about the natural world. This content provider organises various workshops about nature.


Our team also offers 2 Options : half-day (educational visit to the Cave) or full-day or full-day (educational to the Cave + Gorges of the Hérault excursion).

1 – Half-day

Lecture on the Clamouse subterranean network led by a Sciences specialist.

    • The water cycle in a calcium-rich environment
    • Histories of stalactites and stalagmites

To prepare for the visit, educational info sheets can be read or downloaded.


2 – Full-day

morning : see 1st option.

  • The cycle of water in a calcium environment
  • The cycle of calcium

Afternoon : excursion to the Gorges of the Hérault, learning about landscapes.

  • Observation of the river Hérault to understand the formation of its meander and the evolution of the landscape over time (Education info sheet 3)
  • Collection of rocks by the river with an initiation into geological analysis techniques (acid action, hardness, texture, etc)
  • Understanding the rock collection’s origin